A Giving Journey

A path of reflection & self-discovery | Life keeps on giving…

Dive into your light

For my fellow coaches


If I would begin again

I would just write to you

For you are

the Source of it all

You make me awe

all that’s in the world.


Here you are, all,

eyes looking at me

Asking where to go

Asking what to see

So here is how I begin

what I have to offer to you

My labour of sweat

My labour of love

My being, through.

Start with yourself.

That is number one.

So that what you become

Comes from deep in our heart.

So you become irresistable


So it is not your rate that counts

So that you become the shining light

that others can’t help but follow.

So number one:

Where is your love, pain and sorrow

that you want to help in the world?

Where your attention goes,

there goes your word.

Inner work.

That’s the key.

Without that, your coachee

is just touching in the dark.

There is no one around

to hold their hand,

To make them understand,

that they are not alone.

That they are whole

and ready for the journey.

And so are you!

So what can you do

to define

Where is the line

that you dare to cross today

To step into your leadership,

create and play?

Who do you want to serve?

With what and how?

As you yourself allow

the answers to flow,

with the help of your coach,

your true power emerges.

Define what you want and how,

first your life, then your business

so that you fill your days with love

that sustains you

before you give to others.

Your life first,

then how it will feel;

what will your business reveal

about you?

Are you fun and edgy?

Deep or light,

or all of the above?

People come to energy

like souls to light,

so define

for whom you want to shine

and how.

How do you want to show up in the world?

Where is your urge

to help, to change, to serve?

Then look at what you have

What do you have to offer?

So that whatever comes

You can look into your book

Where is your hook

Your experience, your pain

Your strength

That let’s others emerge

so that they can rise strong?


in what you have done and achieved.

Look around

Here faces abound

That have seen you

Coach and learn

So take those stories

and turn

them into the things you share.

You have already changed enough lives.

And the ones that wait

outside your door,

maybe still

looking down on the floor

and searching for the key,

who are dying to be ‘Me’,

themselves, with a Big M.

Find ways

to tell them

that you are here.

Reach out to those

you know

and see where the flow

takes you.

It might feel slow at first.

it might not calm your thirst

immediately as you start.

So coach your fellow students here,

lean into possibility,

and practice

this powerful art.


are the building blocks

That is the way

that unlocks

the door between

clients and you.

So show up every day,

Serve and dream,

practice and play.

And do your inner work!

For it to be

what sustains you and your coachee

The light within you

shines so bright

so take the light

and be your guide.

Your inner voice,

values, Leader Within.

A whole universe is in there

where you begin.

Be calm and gentle

this is the first step.

Cheer yourself, the journey is long.

And look around you –

here are all

who can walk with you

on the long haul.

This is the crowd

who is with you

as you grow,

So I say to you, fellows,

good luck and let’s go!