A Giving Journey

A path of reflection & self-discovery | Life keeps on giving…


The magic of growing, together

The magic of growing A Giving Journey INphotography

The magic has happened again. We were there to learn, to be open, to be brave. To rise and fail and to do it again… Many might think, oh no, groupwork… All those unknown faces, backgrounds, opinions. What to expect? It is ok to be skeptical, not knowing what you are in for. How it’s […]

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Our wedding is a way to give

Wedding © INphotography

You might have guessed from the title – I will get married! With my long-time boyfriend (now fiancé!), within a few months’ time. This topic is often on my mind these days, as I just jumped into and paddling around in the large pool of wedding planning activities… It came to me that forming this […]

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