A Giving Journey

A path of reflection & self-discovery | Life keeps on giving…

Into the light

Sunset From darkness to light INphotography A Giving Journey watermark

I woke up this morning in darkness, just to experience light. I wanted to see the Sun coming up in all its beauty and warmth.

As a reminder of rebirth every day.

I decided that I have hope. That I will act on it. I will use the forces available to me, in all their presence, enlightening the way. The Sun is my Fellow on this Journey.

This certainty of the Sun coming up every day, the unbroken, whole cycle, gives me strength and courage.

The world is functioning around me, down to its tiny bits, the smallest ladybird and ant, as they weave the magic structure of life…

All that is there. Not much is lost.

Just open your eyes to the forces working. Just see them for whay they are. Beauty, strength.

In the midst of this we may be frightened or fearless, but WE ARE. And ALL THERE IS.

The Sun shining this morning, wrestling its light through the clouds, gives me immense strength, as its coming is answering the call from deep in my heart: Go forward and thrive!

PS: Waking up with the work of Joanna Macy this morning.