A Giving Journey

A path of reflection & self-discovery | Life keeps on giving…

In my music

In music, I find joy and peace. The joy and peace of reconnection with myself – and with the world around me.

Today did not start as I have planned or would have wanted to. Despite my meditation and walks with my dog, my soul remained fuzzy and undirected… I was just hanging around, having a sense of miss.

Looking for something, standing up, moving around and then I thought of…Enya. A great place to be, every time. Her music lifts me up and takes me to places that I know respond to something deep inside.

Searching for a specific song that I did not find, in the end I looked up Agni Parthene.

It is a song that my best friend showed me a couple of weeks ago. Amazing, deep music, where you imagine large, breathtaking churches echoing and stars moving. It is a hymn, to the Virgin Mary.

I am not religious and I feel connected to a higher power.

I hear this song in my inside, though I do not understand the words. The version that my friend showed me, is sang in 11 languages. It is so diverse and so unified in a way. It is ever-changing, as one language gives it to the next, a singer to a choir and then a singer again. Many people, one resonance. Connection.  

When I started to listen to Agni Parthene today, I burst into tears. I realized that how it begins, with the voice of the first singer, Divna Ljubojevic, touched something deep inside me. I listened to some more of her songs, found out that she is Serbian and listened to her singing songs with her choir, Melodi. Deep voices of men and women, as if the world is echoing in them.

My soul is now at another place than it was when I started listening. I am grateful that such music exists and we have access to it. That through it we can hear others, and ourselves.

Maybe as you read this, you hear your own music in your ears, the songs that take you to peace and deep inside you. These songs are always with you and can come to you as you allow them. You can give them space… Just pausing in your day and let them reunite you with yourself… and with the world.