A Giving Journey

A path of reflection & self-discovery | Life keeps on giving…


I know now:

It is meant to be

Natural for my body

To crumble with life

To go down and rise

So I witness

And in the stillness

The beauty of it arises

The cosmic joke

You keep yourself afloat

And comparison has no place

You are your own truth,

Your own dance,

Your own self-romance

Resonates through the wind

And the interference of all energies

Creates the world.

So what are you here to bring

Your laughter

That shines at us

From the paper

Or sourness that eats up

The ether

And everyone around you?

Whatever you put out

And whatever you find

There is a way

To play

This game


Like an alchemist or magician

What you find and what you are given

Take the bits of fear and sorrow

And sprinkle stardust instead.

So that in a whirlwind of life

It all transforms into light.

Energy that lifts and livens,

Leadership! That is its essence.

And when you come back,

Covered in glitter,

Save some for yourself.

It is hard to stay in the wind

And through is your only path.

You will need your own hugs best

So keep them


For yourself.