A Giving Journey

Compassion and self-development | Your best self for a better world

My name is Lilla and I am sharing my giving journey on this blog. My goal is to inspire people to be more compassionate, to listen to their hearts and their dreams and to develop themselves to reach their goals.

Photo Lilla A Giving Journey

For me, giving means all the ways we contribute to make our world a better place, one smile and one step at a time.

My giving journey has been a curvy path, with a lot of soulsearching, and trying out different ways to contribute to the causes that I find important. I took a big leap a few years ago; I quitted and left my commercial employer. This has been a double career switch: from for-profit to non-profit and from salaried worker to self-employed. I needed to carve out my own path in the mysterious world of self-employment and have been blessed with opportunities to work with purpose-driven and nonprofit organisations. Working with these kind of organisations felt like coming home, coming closer to my heart. More ‘me’. It has now been a few years that I work as an independent consultant with organisations who care about animals, environment and social development and justice. I learn more about giving every day through self-development and striving to live a compassionate life. I am also helping people as a coach to explore how they can develop further.

A Gving Journey steps logo INphotographyThis blog is the next step on my journey. My next leap. Bringing up all the courage and experience to share my journey online, and using my skills and time to share stories feels like a deep breath. An exciting and humbling experience that I hope will inspire many of you to follow your own path and live out of compassion for and understanding of your own self and all living beings. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are mine, I write this independently from the organisations that I work with or volunteer for.

This blog comes to life in cooperation with my partner, Ingmar. He is contributing his talent in photography to create the visual experience. He gives the images to the words. His photos, picturing mostly landscapes and animals, are marked with INphotography throughout this blog.

Thank you for joining me on A Giving Journey and I am looking forward to hear about yours! Share your thoughts and stories with me by email or on Linkedin.