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The birth of reconnection

Birth of reconnection A Giving Journey INphotography

Precisely nine months ago, I made a committment to pass on the pearl that I have found. I have experienced how it feels to be in a group workshop, that helps people to create change in the world. During this workshop I moved through the Spiral, a beautiful circle, that helped me find my way through entangled feelings of joy, sorrow, love and hope. All those feelings that come, when you want to make a difference. This method, called the Work that Reconnects, was truly coming to life in me – I reconnected with myself, with my truth and by connecting with others, found my way towards change.

I discovered this method a few weeks before, when I saw an interview with Joanna Macy, who co-created the Work that Reconnects. I was intrigued and I went on searching for what this means: feeling our heart breaking as we see the challenges ahead and feeling our immense love in the same time. What do you do when you want to get things moving and you see people being disconnected, from themselves and from others, and not being able to make a step on their own.

As the world slowed down due to the coronavirus, I felt an even bigger sense of urgency to do…something. I used the weeks and months to reflect on my life, to dig into my past to release my future… As my connection with myself got stronger, I could open up more and more to connect with people and share my thoughts about the need for change. When I was in the group workshop, in the presence of unknown yet familiar souls, it was liberating to hear how similar stories were unfolding in the lives of others. Speaking our truth and being present with each other filled the space with warmth and energy.

When you find a pearl, it is humbling and heartwarming to be able to pass it on. First examining it yourself, making it your own and being convinced that you are able to help it flow to others – it was not an easy journey and I am grateful for others for helping me getting through.

This month marks nine months of me embarking on my journey to show this Work to others. I am bringing it my way, including my own experience and I am trusting that people will find the healing and encouragement that I did. It is like giving life and being born in the same time; rough and difficult and sometimes scary and complicated, yet determined and hopeful.

I am giving the first workshop in July, called ‘A new beginning‘. Here you will take time to listen to yourself, reconnect with your truth and energy, and gather inspiration to go forward. In August I will hold a course, that enables you to deepen your practice, build your resilience further and reflect on your journey. The course includes one-on-one conversations, so that we can shape the course to your needs and move at your pace. The ‘Go for your dreams‘ course starts in August, and you can sign up until the 25th of July.