A Giving Journey

A path of self-discovery & development | Your best self for a better world

Go for your dreams

Go for your dreams A Giving Journey © INphotography

You would like to take the next step in your life: listen to your inner voice and do what you find meaningful. You are wondering how you could find the time and space to reflect and discover. You would like to see what is yours to do, how you can contribute and live your passion.

During this course you will have the opportunity to experience that depth and connect with your inner self. In a welcoming group of like-minded people you will take the time to reflect on what you find important. You will discover new possibilities and see yourself and the world in a new light. You will step into your energy to make your dreams a reality.

 Personal attention and a safe space

During four group sessions and three personal conversations, you will explore what drives you, what is yours to do and what you need. You will be on a journey with a small group of people and the connection with them will lift you and carry you. During the one-on-one conversations the focus will be on your personal journey and we will explore where you are and what you need.

In these warm and trustworthy spaces there is no judgement, nothing that you must be or must do. Here you do not need to perform or show yourself different than you are. These spaces are for you to just be and experience, and to let your thoughts and feelings unfold as they come.

Step into new possibilities

This course will meet you wherever you are on your journey. By having a conversation with you before the start, the content will be tailored to the needs of the people who participate. You will move at your own pace and build on your strengths, step by step. After the course you will will go forward with renewed energy and can tap into the learnings to keep your it sustained. The community of people that you got to know on your way will be there for you to


  • Four online group sessions on Thursday evenings: on the 17th June, 24th June, 1st July, 8th July, between 19:30- 21:30 (CET time).
  • Three personal conversations that are planned to suit your agenda. One of them will take place before and one of them after the course, to make the best use of your time and energy.

Contribution: 449 euro (already includes VAT)

Registration deadline: 10th of June

‘Love is spelled T-I-M-E.’ wrote Dr. Edith Eger in her amazing book ‘The Gift’. Giving yourself the time to follow your dreams is a gift to yourself and to this world: you enable yourself to be who you want to be and you give your talents to make this world a better place.

Your next step awaits!