A Giving Journey

A path of self-discovery & development | Your best self for a better world

Your journey begins

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  • Would you like to do something about the big challenges in the world, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, the mistreatment of animals, discrimination, social injustice?
  • Would you like to clarify what is yours to do and how to make the first step?
  • Would you like to make progress, get more energy and inspiration to make a difference?
Workshop: A new beginning

During the workshop you will strengthen your capacity to take action and to respond to challenges in your life with ‘active hope’. Active hope means that you are not waiting for others to take steps – you are discovering the strength and possibilities in yourself and actively creating the situation that you would like to see happening.

We will come together to strengthen ourselves and get inspired through connection.

A space for everyone to listen and to speak.

A space to reconnect with ourselves, with each other and our beautiful world.

How will we work together?

This workshop is a safe space where there is no judgement – where you can speak about your plans, your worries, your hopes. We come together to help each other on our path. We will all take our space and time to reflect individually, in pairs and together as a group.

We will build our path through the four steps of the Work That Reconnects and work with concepts such as active hope. The basis of this work has been laid by Joanna Macy, Chris Johnstone and their colleagues, created on the principles of Buddhism, general systems theory and deep ecology.

During the workshop we will feel our gratitude, speak our truth, see with new eyes and go forth with renewed energy and wisdom. In the warm and trustworthy atmosphere of a small group, there will be place for everyone to reflect and speak their mind.

You will come out stronger

After the workshop you will have a much clearer sense of what you are standing for and how you would like to contribute. You have connected with people who also want to take action, which creates community and strengthens your commitment. You will see the world with new eyes and spot new possibilities. You can go forward with active hope and can take steps to actively create the situation that you would like to see happening in the world.

Date of the workshop:

  • Thursday 6th of May, 19:30 – 21:30 (CET time)
  • Tuesday 25th of May, 19:30 – 21:30 (CET time)

All you need to participate is the wish to get connected, access to the internet and a webcam. You will get the link to the online meeting environment after you registered for the workshop.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

If the world is to be healed through human efforts,

I am convinced it will be by ordinary people,

people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear.

Joanna Macy